From 4 years up to 6 years, children can join SportsFUN where special focus on body awareness and the fundamentals are the objective of these sessions. This foundation programme covers the development of movement and literacy. As a result of this programme children should then be sufficiently motivated and ‘movement literate’ to participate in specific sports and start developing their sports performance. This programme is concerned with ensuring that all children learn basic movement skills, enjoy being active and develop knowledge and understanding of their bodies and how they move following a specific syllabus based on: ABCs (agility, balance, coordination and speed).

I wish to say thank you for Lesley Kendall for the SportsFun program’s brief description. Lesley started her lifestyle change journey by visiting a nutrition specialist. As the second step she visited my Zumba class. Later she joined to a salsa dance school and started to visit salsa dance parties. Exercising and proper nutrition became a daily habit, which brought a lot of extra energy, social connections, and 25 kg weight loss. Lesley is a qualified emergency nurse, during her carrier she worked around the world. at several continents. After 8 years in a primary school, she started to work for a home for the elderly. We had several long talks around the subject of healthy living, dancing next to a cappuccino at the beautiful Xemxija in Malta. As a result this document and the SportsFun program was born. #keepgoing

Sports Fun is under the excellent guidance of Bela Grundmann who was a professional Handball player in his native Hungary for many years. He has been a qualified Zumba Instructor for many years He is a coach for Kavallieri Handball Under 15 boys team, an instructor with Sport Malta. He brings a wide range of skills and knowledge in the fields of sport and healthy living and is passionate about passing this on to children so that they learn the foundations of the importance of physical activity, nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

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Age: from 5 to 10

Sports Fun program’s primary focus is the education and promotion of a healthy lifestyle for kids. We believe that it is fundamental that these foundational tools are learned at an early age in order for it to become a lifestyle. In this way, children are more likely to carry on into later years. It is also a great format for developing social and communication skills. 

We also strongly believe that exercise should be fun! We use many different activities:

  • Foundational athletic skills. running, jumping, coordination.
  • Movement to music, which combines dance moves and exercise.
  • Development of ball skills. Develop an ability to use balls of different sizes and textures.
  • Theoretical knowledge of the importance of exercising, sports,  nutrition and time management.

Through these activities, we are able to teach and promote a lifelong love of physical activity through to adulthood in order to achieve health and wellbeing in every individual.

We aim to have a structured format of education which will provide the tools to achieve a healthy lifestyle for all the family. We will not only be offering activities but firmly believe in adopting a holistic approach to health. To this end, we will be offering sessions involving parents in a more social setting, which will involve education regarding the importance of good nutrition and physical activity and its impact on a child’s physical, psychological and social development. We also have networks with other allied health professionals who will be involved for specific events. These activities will provide an opportunity for the parents to meet the instructor, to discuss any issues they may have.

Preparation/CompletionUnderstand the importance of warming up prior to exercise and cooling down afterward.
Athletic skillsDevelop effective running, jumping, throwing style, coordination.
Use of hurdles.
Improve endurance to be able to run longer distances, appropriate for their age.
Incorporate team play and running activities in relay and team activities.
Music and danceImproved coordination
Appreciation of different rhythms
Development of the ability to perform rhythmic movements to music
Ability to repeat patterns of dance moves in time with the music
Ball SkillsAppreciate that balls are required for many different sports.
Appreciate that different sports have different balls.
Develop an ability to use balls of different sizes and textures.
Develop and Improve throwing/catching, accuracy, hand/eye coordination.
Team GamesAppreciate that each game has its own set of rules.
Ability to follow instructions.
Develop an ability to communicate effectively with other team members.
Develop an understanding of the concept of the role of the referee and abide by their decisions.
Be able to collaborate with different team members to become an effective team.
Begin to develop skills for conflict resolution.
Self control.
Human body.
Time management.
Sports specific knowledge.
Exercise and nutrition in the family.
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