Health Talks

November 2022Session 01Gut Health Overview Webinar
December 2022Session 01Gut Health Overview Webinar
January 2023Session 02Gut-microbiota-health axis
February 2023Session 03Gut-microbiota-diet-cholesterol
March 2023Session 04Gut-dysbiosis-inflammation-disease
April 2023Session 05Gut-dysbiosis-metabolic disease
May 2023Session 06Gut-dysbiosis-heart-disease
June 2023Session 07Gut-dysbiosis-depression
July 2023Session 08Gut-Health-research
AugustSessionsLive online repeated Webinars and discussions
September 2023SessionsIssue of NEW list of Webinars

All sessions involve 1 hour online live webinars. 
The sessions are FREE and all donations are for colorectal cancer research.
An Initiative of the Malta Colorectal Cancer Awareness Group (MCRCAG). 

TV interviews

Date / TimeTV stationProgramInterviewer
Tuesday 22nd at 1200ONE tv‘Fost il-Gimgha’Matilde Balzan
Thurs 24th Nov at 16:30TVMIllum ma StephStephanie Spiteri
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