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I’m Bela Grundmann, a Software Project Manager, and I’m passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Explore the “Healthy Lifestyle Rhythm” web site and mentoring program for valuable content, courses, coaching, and webinars on embracing a well-balanced lifestyle.

Discover key topics:

Eating Right: Explore the Mediterranean diet, fasting, cooking tips, recipes, high-quality supplements, and evidence-based nutritional science to enhance gut health.

Tech Tools: Get insights into fitness gadgets like Polar, Tamina, Lumen, Muscle and Motion, with more innovations on the horizon.

Fitness and Movements: Select from a range of exercises and recreational activities, such as Zumba, salsa, yoga, swimming, walking, running, biking, gym workouts, handball, stretching, breathing, as well as spa, sauna, self-care, personal care, sporty hygiene, and more. Experience the importance of specific sportswear for various sports to ensure comfort and safety, enhancing performance.

Join our vibrant learning community focused on healthy living and digital transformation. Receive expert guidance on creating a WordPress website aligned with your passion, advancing digital marketing skills and tools, establishing a Learning Management System, effectively using collaborative tools, and more.

Take the opportunity to build a sustainable Eqology business with my mentorship, integrating it into your life rhythm and supporting others in adopting a healthier lifestyle.

As a committed TechSoup ambassador, my active support empowers Non-Profit organizations, sports clubs, and primary schools to advance in their digital journey.

Excited to collaborate with you and your organization!

Bela Grundmann LI

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