Actionable Health strategies to restore Gut health to prevent disease

With more than 12 years of cancer research experience, I am putting together actionable strategies to maintain and restore gut health. My book is a collection of scientific data supporting Personalised Medicine. My mission is to promote “LAB TO LIFE” and the article, “Written in blood” explains one of our success stories. I present findings in various international conferences and workshops and also disseminate our findings in “science fairs” and give space to future generations to learn during lab visits.


Continuity is possible through funds. Here I am signing one of the projects on bowel disease. Gut health is vital and central to prevention of various diseases, including inflammatory, metabolic, cancer and depression. I started an educational YouTube channel with a collection of experiences, knowledge and remedies to maintain and restore Gut Health. Thank you. Please subscribe and hit the bell to be notified on upcoming videos. Links to blogs are available in the video description for more information.

Professor Godfrey Grech PhD (Erasmus MC)
Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, 
Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Malta
Innovative Assays
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